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  • The appearance of the shelf surface processing methods


    About the shelf surface treatment method and requirementsA: shandong shelves manufacturer process: dark grey to remove surface dirt to chemical cleaning, phosphating, drying and electrostatic pensu to heat curing, semi-finished products. Surface treatment using polyester/epoxy powder with high quality, electrostatic spraying process, 60-80 um thickness;B: electrostatic powder spraying on the surface of the shelf level 0 in adhesion of GB92865-88 standard requirements;C: hardness on the surface o

  • Learn to use shelf space to stock up


    Effective application of storage space has become a management and logistics center and important subject of efforts to improve. When saving the capital, the progress of efficiency for the modern management concept to become top managers thinking time, how to effectively apply the warehouse space, in a specific warehouse, how to apply space? In discussing how to apply the space to think about what is the function of storage shelves first? The focus of the store management has two directions, one

  • Shelves of deformation


    the placement of goods more than the shelf layer, namely the shelves at the time of purchase, warehouse shelves manufactured according to the selection of the layer corresponds to the material, and if in the practical use, the weight of the goods shelves over the selected material, the weight of the shelf deformation occurs. 2, uneven distribution of weight, can cause deformation of shelves; If placed in the cargo, the weight of each layer of the goods is concentrated in the middle part, and no

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