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Shelves of deformation

the placement of goods more than the shelf layer, namely the shelves at the time of purchase, warehouse shelves manufactured according to the selection of the layer corresponds to the material, and if in the practical use, the weight of the goods shelves over the selected material, the weight of the shelf deformation occurs. 2, uneven distribution of weight, can cause deformation of shelves; If placed in the cargo, the weight of each layer of the goods is concentrated in the middle part, and no layer of cargo weight on both sides, that would certainly cause deformation of shelves. 3, improper handling equipment operation, sometimes, use the unit in the goods in handling equipment such as forklifts, as a result of the driver problem, lead to the forklift hit the shelves, resulting in deformation of shelves. 4, the material selection for this reason, customers at the time of purchase shelf, would inevitably encounter some bad shelves manufacturers, to cut corners, of others, so that the shelf distortion.

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