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Learn to use shelf space to stock up

Time:2023-06-25     【Reserved】

Effective application of storage space has become a management and logistics center and important subject of efforts to improve. When saving the capital, the progress of efficiency for the modern management concept to become top managers thinking time, how to effectively apply the warehouse space, in a specific warehouse, how to apply space? In discussing how to apply the space to think about what is the function of storage shelves first? The focus of the store management has two directions, one is how to increase the effective application of storing space, the second is how to promote the activities of the goods.

Jinan draw a lay of shelves in order to make the goods, so about space planning, first necessary classification, understand the use of the space direction, then evaluate its suspension weights of trade-off in various aspects, good weight after the match of any design layout. If storage space is limited to suspend depend on planning and design, is in what way to seek the utility ratio of ready-made storage space to play to the limit. It's higher begged for the shelves. Modern warehouse, drive the shelves.

Warehouse equipment, storage shelves is specially used to check into a storage equipment items. Shelves in logistics and warehouse workers is very important position. Storage shelves can energetic application of warehouse space, progress capacity utility ratio, extend the warehouse storage ability. There are extrusion of the goods shelves, material loss is small, can well ensure the function of the material itself, to reduce the loss of the goods. Access to storage shelves bento, can do first in first out access mode. Ensure the quality of the goods storage, material storage quality progress. Can complete mechanization and automation management.

Shelves in the modern logistics activity, plays an important role, and complete warehouse management modernization, variety, function has a direct relationship with the shelves.

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