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Storage cage manufacturer Classification of storage cages

Storage cage manufacturers Storage cage main classificationThe foldable storage cage is designed to provide convenience for access at any time. When stacking and storing, you can open the small door to store or take out items at any time, eliminating the trouble of turning over the warehouse. Moreover, it can be stored after being folded, which greatly saves space. The non-foldable storage cage has a large load-bearing capacity due to special reinforcement, and can generally be stacked in more layers.The traction storage cage is to install a traction device at the left and right positions of the storage cage, usually with casters, and the front and back of the storage cage are connected, so that the storage cage can be easily and freely circulated in a site with relatively smooth ground.The bottom of the caster storage cage is equipped with wheels, generally two universal wheels and two wheels with brakes, which are flexible and light in operation, and are mostly suitable for production workshops.The heavy-duty storage cage is a special storage cage developed by storage cages according to customer needs. It is welded with angle steel and rectangular tubes. Compared with ordinary storage cages, it has the characteristics of large load capacity and firm structure. It is treated with plastic spraying. Jinan storage cage manufacturer , Dehui Company, the storage cage production technology is Yaoyao leading!

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