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Cantilever racking for perfect picking

Cantilever racking is a racking system widely used in warehouses, factories and other places. It is favored by many enterprises for its strong carrying capacity and flexible installation methods. In fact, cantilever racking is the first choice for many warehouses for a number of reasons. In this article, we will focus on the advantages of cantilever racking and five characteristics of cantilever racking.

1. Multiple Goods Types Storage Capability

A significant advantage of cantilever racking is that it can hold various types of goods, whether it is long materials, ring materials, sheets, pipes or irregular goods. Since the goods can be stored on both sides of the cantilever rack, it can effectively improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse. This is especially important for warehouses that need to store multiple types of goods, making warehouse management more standardized and efficient.

2. Strong carrying capacity

An important feature of the cantilever rack is its strong carrying capacity. The load capacity of the single-arm cantilever shelf can reach 500KG, which makes it easy to handle goods of various weights. This is a very important factor for warehouses that need to store heavy items because it ensures the safety and stability of the goods.

3. Easy and convenient assembly and disassembly

The cantilever rack adopts a combined design, which makes the installation and disassembly process very simple. This allows enterprises to greatly reduce the input of manpower and material resources when they need to adjust warehouse space or relocate warehouses. In addition, since the components of cantilever racking are usually standard sizes, they can be easily moved between different venues.

4. Adjustable column and partition

Shibang cantilever rack has an adjustable column design, which allows users to adjust the spacing between partitions or increase or decrease partitions as needed. This height adjustability allows cantilever racking to adapt to various storage needs, thereby improving the space utilization of the warehouse.

5. Free picking and storage density

One of the biggest advantages of cantilever racks is the realization of 100% random picking, which makes the process of accessing goods very convenient. Users can take out the required goods at any time according to their needs, which improves the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Cantilever racks also have a high storage density, which can store more goods in a limited space. This is especially important for warehouses that need to save space, because it can effectively use the existing space and increase the storage capacity of the warehouse. Cantilever racking can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet different venues and storage needs. Users can specify single arm or double arm according to the actual situation of the warehouse, and adjust the spacing between partitions. This customized design enables the cantilever rack to better adapt to various places.

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